Donald W. Flaig, Esq

Donald W. Flaig, Esq, a SuperLawyer for the sixth consecutive year, has earned his way through hard work and perseverance. In addition to receiving recognition by SuperLawers, he was recenlty nominated and selected to The National Advocates Top 100 Attorneys.  Receiving his B.A. degree from University of Southern California in 1994, attending Southwestern University, and passing the California Bar in 1997, Mr. Flaig is fully aware of all that the SuperLawyer honor denotes and accepts the recognition with pride.

Estate Planning

WHAT IS A LIVING TRUST? A Living Trust ('inter vivos trust') is created during your lifetime and is revocable (capable of being changed, amended or terminated for any reason). This trust is a legal document that holds legal title to property with instructions on how to administer said property. In a living trust, you can act as your own trustee. You retain broad powers to control and use the assets of the trust. You are also the beneficiary of the trust during your lifetime. As such, you have the right to receive the income of the trust.